ANTICHRIST (Ukr) - #13/2013 Zine - €5
English written zine from Ukraine. 102 pages, A4 size. Including interviews with Hirax, Blasphemy, Necros Christos, Speedwolf, Witching Hour, Superchrist, Furze, Embrace of Thorns, Vomitor, Repuked and many more + reviews & 2 compilation CDs.
EVILUTION (Den) - Issue #1/December 2004 - €5
Pro printed A4 zine with glossy cover. Interviews with Darkthrone, Fenriz, Cult Of Luna, Suffocation, Shaitan Mazar, Mayhem, Unleashed, Der Blutharsch, Laibach, Napalm Death, Red Harvest etc.
HARSH BRUTAL COLD (Can) - Volume One - €1
Xeroxed A5 zine/newsletter from 2006. Interviews with Bone Awl & Malveillance.
SLOWLY WE ROT (Rom) - Issue 3/2014 Zine - €4
Romanian zine written in English. A4 size. Featuring Asphyx, Celestial Season, Death, Epitimia, Evol/Death Dies/Negatron, Locus Neminis, Manegarm, Old Corpse Road, Phlebotomized, Possessed, Radiation Sickness, Raven, Repulsion, Tankard. More than 200 reviews. Free poster and compilation CD!
SLOWLY WE ROT (Rom) - Issue 4/2013 Zine - €4
Romanian zine written in English. A4 size. Featuring Cancer, Lifeless, Birth AD, Repulsion, Angerseed, Bethlehem, Carnal Ghoul, Ultra Violence, Mortuorial Eclipse, Romanian Thrash Metal Club. More than 150 reviews. Including free compilation CD!
THRASH ATTACK (Ger) - Issue #1 - €2
Xeroxed A5 zine. First issue from 2006. Interviews with Gama Bomb, Sauron (US), Tankard, Gama Bomb + reviews.
THRASH ATTACK (Ger) - Issue #2 - €3
Xeroxed A5 zine from 2006. Interviews with Meltdown, Minotaur, Redimoni, Toxic Holocaust, Merciless Death, Trench Hell + reviews & Chilean scene report.
THRASH ATTACK (Ger) - Issue #4 - €3
Xeroxed A5 zine from 2007. Interviews with Hirax, Blood Feast, Sodomizer, Flageladör, German newcomers + reviews & live report.