LETHAL INFECTION (Chl) - The Chant Of The Black Prophecies MC - €4
The 2018 EP recording The Chant Of The Black Prophecies released on cassette by Inverted Inhumation. Pure and primitive black death chaos from Chilean hell. For fans of early Sarcofago, Mutilator, Atomic Aggressor and Parabellum.
SADOTANK (NL) - Black Thrash Assault CD - €6,66
The imperial apocalypse has arrived here now with the official reissue of Sadotank’s 2nd full-length album! Originally released independently back in 2014 by this Frisian hellsquad themselves in a limited quantity of 300 copies, this reissue still presents the same 33 minute sadomaniacal skullthrashing inferno that was brought to a higher metallic level with the fine mixing and mastering efforts of Harris Johns (a well known name in the metal realm for his work with Sodom, Kreator, Tankard, Voivod and numerous others). 13 tracks of uncompromising boozedrenched black/thrash that will surely appeal to those into the sounds of bands such as Sodom, Destruction, Deströyer 666 and even Impaled Nazarene (to throw a few names out there), so you have an idea what to expect from this record. To complete the presentation, the cover was illustrated by renowned artist Joe Petagno (famous for his wide array of rock and metal album cover creations, especially those of Motörhead). Now just grab yourself a 6-pack and get this disc to raise hell!